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Twin Flame Layered Necklace

Twin Flame Layered Necklace

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“By this point she was already complete, and nobody could take that away from her. But to discover a friend, a companion, a twin flame. This was a deeper connection, a level of support and understanding that she never knew existed.”

Grab this necklace for both you and your twin flame—the one person whose soul mirrors yours. Twin flames can come in all varieties: your mother, your children, your best friends, or your lover.

The bottom layer represents your soul, complete as is. While the top layer represents your soul after finding your twin flame, filled and even more complete than you knew was possible.

The Twin Flame Layered Necklace exclusively by Ellie Sage.

  • 2 Layer Necklace
  • High-Quality Zinc Alloy
  • Top Layer: 14" Length
  • Bottom Layer: 17.5" Length
  • 2" Extender
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