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Ellie's Signature Crescent Charm Necklace

Ellie's Signature Crescent Charm Necklace

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"She was like the moon—part of her was always hidden away." — Dia Reeves

I'm thrilled to bring you another treasure for your collection - 'Ellie's Signature Crescent Charm Necklace.' This piece holds a special place in my collection; it’s a symbol of the gentle ebbs and flows that shape our lives, much like the phases of the moon.

I designed this necklace to be a subtle yet powerful emblem of renewal and femininity, perfect for the woman who’s in tune with herself and the universe. Wear it and feel aligned with the celestial dance of life, each phase bringing its own beauty and wisdom.

Wear it on its own, or layer it with another piece from Ellie's Signature Collection.

I hope you love this as much as I do!

-xo Ellie

  • Adjustable Chain to Fit All Sizes
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